Josh Neufeld’s THE VAGABONDS coverage


Josh Neufeld’s newest issues of THE VAGABONDS has received some nice coverage and we wanted to share some excerpts:

“The Vagabonds #3, by Josh Neufeld. It’s an interesting transition of sorts for Neufeld. … [He] is still travelling and observing, but he’s doing so in the context of being a comics journalist now. His specialty is on-site interviews that obtain personal experiences from major events. … Neufeld’s … “Bahrain: Lines In Ink, Lines In The Sand” … is one of his best-ever stories, as it details the stories of two friends he made while spending time in the Middle East country as a representative of the U.S. state department. Through their stories, Neufeld details an uprising in that country and how widely opinions varied on who was a terrorist, who was a traitor and who was an activist. There were no easy answers to be had and Neufeld doesn’t pretend to have any, preferring to allow each story to make its own case. … Neufeld’s instincts are always to push the reader just a little bit so as to get across information in a way that will make them remember it. It’s good to see him back in comic book form once again, both as a home for a number of comics that originally appeared on the web as well as having an opportunity to do other kinds of short-form experiments.”
— Rob Clough, Hi-Low
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“They say true stories are stranger than fiction, and Josh Neufeld draws them everyday. … Neufeld has made a name for himself with as a journalist using comics to tell his stories, from the Hurricane Katrina story A.D.: After The Deluge to the recent Terms of Service. In many ways however, he got his start self-publishing his own independent comic series in the early 2000s called The Vagabonds. And well, this comics journalist vagabond is back.”
— Chris Arrant, Newsarama
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“The Vagabonds #4 from Josh Neufeld featuring a genre-mix of journalistic, socially observant, and fictional elements.”
— Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool
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Robot6 Interview: “The previous issue of The Vagabonds was an all-journalism issue, and this issue also features a journalism piece to start things off. “Crossing the Line” details a case of ethnic/racial profiling at the U.S./Canadian border that appears to be anything but random and rare. I first got wind of the story via journalist Sarah Abdurrahman’s radio piece about her own detainment, which was broadcast on the National Public Radio show On the Media. Abdurrahman’s piece screamed to be told in comics form: the freezing cold rooms, the heartless treatment of families with small children, and most appallingly, the endless, repetitive interrogations. After speaking with Khaled A., one of the subjects of Abdurrahman’s piece, I was determined to focus my story on his particular experiences. “Crossing the Line” is the result. The story is one of my more personal — you might say, “subjective” — piece of comics journalism. As the creator, I am also a “character,” the interlocutor who responds to Khaled in sympathy and outrage. In this historical moment, American law enforcement’s treatment of people of color bears scrutiny (cf. Michael Brown, Eric Garner). “Crossing the Line” may stray into editorializing, but my hope is that it resonates broadly.”
— Tim O’Shea, Robot6
Read the entire interview here:


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